Is this normal/ok? 22 month old wants bottle of milk every 3 hrs

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Joshua, 22 months, is fiercely resisting my attempts to follow MCHNs advice to wean and move him to food, he will only drink milk first, and then barely eats any food, and has massive panic attacks if I don't give him milk first...(MCHN says give him food first) Is this the best advice?
He is obviously hungry but doesn't want much food...and I give him yummy healthy food...
Q. to breastfeeding mums at 22 months is this a familiar pattern? (I'm wondering if he is doing it for the comfort, I often hold him to feed)
Q. Could he have an ulcer (He is a highly strung baby) or other gut discomfit/ allergy and want to drink milk to calm the pain?
Q. Does anyone else have the same situation with their baby? Has anyone solved the problem and moved on? if so how did you do it?


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Is Laura Mornings a troll, spammer, or computer virus? I can't figure it out.

To the OP, I didn't have that problem with my son, but I can see how it would be upsetting. One idea I have is to throw the bottles away (I think it's past time for that anyway) and give him milk in a real cup. That way he still gets the taste and texture he finds so comforting, but the different method of delivery might cause him to drink less and be more hungry for real food. Also, if he likes the comfort of being close to you, have you tried keeping his and your food on the same plate, and have him sit on your lap while you eat?

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This is Dr. Laura Mornings,ND,LC..cow milk is the #1 cause of type-1-DIABETES,contains ,genetically engineered bovine hormones.pesticides from grass,dirty nasty puss-pockets of bacteria ;and the fact that even adults cannot fully digest it...

cow milk is for cows......if for some reason you absolutely CANNOT breastfeed,use,mix of almond and hazel-nut milk,coconut water, thinned Noni-juce uncooked,a proper mix of liquid vitamins and certain mineral for infants.....the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION recommends BF AT LEAST for 2 YEARS, some countries PT through 6 yrs.....So if your child needs breast milk esp. for health reasons ,it can be,for much longer than 2 years,(many moms bf to 4 yrs P-T.for various reasons.)

{ Laura Mornings~Admin~ Nature Moms circle }

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Let your baby have half a bottle of milk first to calm him before he eats and then give him solid foods. He really should be getting his nutrients from food now and not milk. When he has eaten a bit of food you could offer him his milk again to finish the meal, but the food is the important part now. If he continues not to eat you may need to put him on vitamin drops like ABDEC that is a liquid that you drop into their mouths or put in a juice. vitamins and minerals are important for brain growth and development and are not found in high amounts in milk.

Try and give your little one a mid morning or mid afternoon snack too, this will help keep his blood sugar level stable during the day. If your little one has never eaten solids then his tummy will hurt when digesting solids for the first time, digesting milk is easy but other foods take more work. Make sure you have gripe water at the ready for the first big meal. Once solid food eating has been established the stomach soon adjusts and the discomfort will go away. It is a mind field as a mother, we want our children to eat and drink, but dont want to see them in distress.

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