Is your child constantly hungry?

Stacy - posted on 11/22/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 2 and a half year old son is always hungry. I give him breakfast first while I prepare mine and after he's finished his he's hovering around me to try mine. He has yogurt, toast (or a cereal bar/oatmeal/cereal) and a whole fruit (like a banana/apple or a plum and berries etc.) and a bit of orange juice. He constantly wants snacks even though he has three meals a day and snacks half way through meal times. He's eating healthy foods, I'm not just feeding him fruit snacks or chocolate and I just don't understand why he won't stop eating. He's bigger than most toddlers his age (36 lbs and about 35 inches tall) Is there any advice or anyone else who is/has experienced this? I am so worried about him being overweight :( My Doctor says that he's healthy but I thought that at this age they are supposed to start slimming down and he's almost in a size 4.

Also what sort of physical activities do you do with your toddler? He just likes to run around and be chased, I'd like to do something more fun with him. Please help!


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Heather - posted on 11/24/2012




sounds like my son. DS is 2.5 and is in 5T clothes. He's not chubby by any means he's just a "big boy" and eats ALL day long. From the minute he gets up in the morning to the second he goes to bed. But I have taught him to make healthy choices and he's allowed to open the fridge and get his own snacks. I make sure the crisper drawers and bottom shelves are stocked with edamame, fruit, vegetables, etc. And as long as he continues to eat his meals, i don't mind how much he snacks on healthy things. We do gymnastics a couple times a week with our sons. He's old enough to be in a tiny tots class and it's non stop activity for an hour. I hear children's soccer is awesome too – and the parents can run with them. Good Luck!

Bethany - posted on 11/23/2012




you dont need to stress! my son is 3 in feb he is 18kg (39lbs) and 96 cm (38 in) he is almost bigger than Me!!! his dad is 6 foot 4 and 110kg im 5 foot and 80kg tom has my width and dads height not a good combo in a toddler, he has lost most of his puppy fat atm as its heading into summer and hes toilet training. at 12mths old he was average height and over the 97% in height my gp called him obease and made me do a food diary apart from the odd sausage and chicken nugget meal he eats healthily so much fruit n veg (more than dad n i combined in one sitting) he is served more food than he eats so he doesnt feel like he has to be hungry after dinner and we never really worry about how much ft he gets as its burnt off during the day, but i do watch the fruit he eats as alot of fruit is natural sugar that they burn thru quickly.

ask ur gp or pedatrician but it could just be very normal for him and once he hits that slowdown mark he will adjust acordingly good luck

Gigi - posted on 11/23/2012




Does he get enough fat in his diet? I noticed that "healthy eating" for many people mean "low fat diet" or even "low carb diet". Children need - balanced diet (protein,carbs, fat, milk products, fruit and veggies for fibers) with healty unprocessed ingredients.

I have a friend whose son is also constantly hungry and after spending a whole day with them I saw that he gets lots of fruit and vegetables and some protein, but not much carbs and almost no fat. See what is yor son eating during the day, maybe something is missing?

As for physical activities - taking a walk, spending time in the garden, playgroups and playing in the park, wrestling in the house.

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