Keeping the digestive system working properly

Sharon - posted on 05/16/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




When toddlers are not good eaters how to we keep their bowels soft?


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Heather - posted on 05/16/2011




i have had great luck with juice plus and lots of water. i encourage fruits and veggies, keep dairy and carbs low, keep diet all natural and kids eat juice plus every day (they are soft chews,,,,i saw such a benifet i became a distributer, feel free to ask me about it if you want but i am not trying to sell it to you, just mentioning it since it works well for us-my website is I know some people say to give kids juice to help but i found juice is not healthy for kids and it makes them crave more sweet things which often bind them up. i put out picky trays every day we are home. I use a cupcake pan and cut up fruits and veggies a diff kind for each whole and leave it on the table between meals and kids munch on it as they walk by with no pressure. that also helps. Good luck

Pauline - posted on 05/16/2011




My baby was eating very well until when she turned 2 yrs old. 1st she went into a hunger strike and then she turned to be a carnivore. We are using prune juice and literally read the label for anything we are giving her that has fiber of at least 4g and up.

Jemma - posted on 05/16/2011




My son has this problem he's 21 months old and i was prescribed lactulose for him, it's a stool softening medication, i'm in the uk and not aware of where you are from but perhaps there is another version?, only 2.5mls every morn and eve,it's been a godsend, also my son does love fruit and i was told to not give him too many bananas as this can make the constipation much worse hope this helps =)

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