Leaving to go on vacation, feeling bad about leaving tot behind.

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My husband and I are leaving on vacation to the bahamas, and I am feeling terrible about leaving our 21 month old behind with my parents. (not that I don't trust them) I keep thinking what if we don't make it back?

I know it's important to have alone time with my husband, and I am excited about it, but I keep fearing the worst. We don't live very close to any family, and our son doesn't see his grandparents often. I am worried about how he'll do. (sounds silly, but I can't help it!)

any advice?


Judyma - posted on 06/24/2013




i'm leaving my 10 month old daughter with my mom and sisters on july 6 2013 for about 4 days while we take our first trip since becoming parents to the bahamas. and I'm feeling soooo guilty....i'm afraid she might miss me so much and cry, or maybe not love me as much when I return. I know my husband and i can totally use that one on one time which to be honest is almost non-exsistent now because my life revolves around my princess. I don't need a break from her at all as she completes me but I do know this might be healthy for our marriage. I've been thinking of cancelling soooo many times....what should I do? am i a bad mom for leaving her.

Jennifer - posted on 02/17/2009




He will be fine. I think parents need to understand that children need time away from us. Also, it will give your parents the opportunity to be really silly and fun without you hovering as the parent figure. It really is the best thing for your relationship too. My husband and I left both children (3 and 11 months) for a 4 day Vegas trip in Sept. and it totally rejuvinated us for the holidays. Ready for the next trip! Remember: YOU need a break and your husband needs his WIFE! not his child's mother.

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Hi, me & my partner have just returned from 7nts in Cape Verde Islands. i left feeling exactly the same as you, she stayed with my parents same as you i trust them 100% it was the fact of leaving her and being scarred of missing her as i am with her 24/7 and have been for 2yr 9 mth of her life & you know what it was the best thing i ever did, i actually had a pang of guilt that i didnt miss her as much as i did..we rang twice aday but that was actually more my partner than me...your only a phone call away and your child will have so much fun and no doubt enjoy bein spoilt rotten !! & i agree totally with Jennifer..go a find yourself again,not just plain old mum!!!

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Ok, I went, had a GREAT time, (and I made it back! :) ) Our son bonded greatly with my mom, and they all had a great time. We definately needed that vacation. Now, I'll have to start planning the next one . My mom even said how good our son was for her and dad. I think I just needed to get that first trip under my belt.

And, Jennifer, thanks for the advice. You were SO right!

Brandi - posted on 10/29/2014




This made me feel so much better. We are taking a 7 day vacation in December without our 2 boys (6 months & 2 years). I am so nervous and feel so guilty! I have never been away from them for any long periods. My mom has said she can't believe I am leaving them which makes me feel worse. But my husbands parents are watching them and they are excited.


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Gabrielle - posted on 02/24/2009




If you're ever really concerned that you "won't make it back", the best thing you can do it make sure things are in place to take care of your child. Do you have an updated will? Is there documentation in place so your parents can authorize medical care for your child? Is it clear who would raise your child in your absence? I can completely understand being anxious about leaving your child behind. My daughter is 2.6 and we still haven't left her overnight with anyone. I know she would be fine - it's all about my and the nervous wreck I would be. I'm glad you went and had a great time.

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