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I can't get my 2 year old to listen and when people are around it's worse how and what can I do to keep my cool and get her to listen ?


Sarah - posted on 03/05/2013




Here is what I do to help them listen. First go over next to them, get down to their level, and have them look at you. This is BIG as then you know they are not being distracted by other things or thoughts. Make your requests short and the point :). Also let them know what will happen if they don't listen. Kids like to test the boudraries when your attention is diverted (have company, on the phone, etc.). It is important that they know the boundraries are still the same during those times. At the same time, if you have company and they are very excited to see the person you do have to allow for some room of excitement.....that does not mean they should misbehave though.

When she is misbehaving around company what I would do is politly excuse yourself and then take her into a different room. Get down at her level and have her look at you and then calmly tell her how you expect her to act (also realize that she is 2 yrs old.....and keep your expectations in line with her age). Also explain to her what will happen if she does not listen......time-out, go to bed, etc. Back tracking before your company comes over prepare her for what is going to happen. Tell her who is coming and how you expect her to act. Also have her tell you who is coming over and how she is suppose to act.

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