Long flights with twins ALONE carseats or harnesses

Kathy - posted on 06/19/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My twins will turn 3 in Oct!
End of August the three of us are going to be on a long journey. First leg 1 hr, layover 4 hours, second leg 16 hours layover 16 hours (spend the night at airport hotel) third leg 2 hrs!
We have been on LONG flights before but never by myself so I have the following questions:
Stroller or travelmates or harnesses? If I use the harnesses I won't take the carseats in the plane but I will use the stroller and gatecheck it. The problem is they may not be comfortable sitting in those airplane seats that are too big for their body and they may not want to stay buckle even for 10 minutes.
If I take the carseats with me using travelmates I will have to put the twins next to each other and I'm afraid they will fight most of the time who sits next to me. I will not be able to sit in the middle of them because airlines don't allow carseats along the isle.
I am very stressed. Suggestions are most welcome!


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Christa - posted on 06/20/2012




You are a brave brave woman! I would say don't put them together if you think they will fight, especially on a long flight. When I flew with my daughter she was 2, she had her own seat and actually liked the buckle. With plenty of snacks and activities she sat relatively still and quiet, granted our flight was much shorter. Best of luck!

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