Major toddler tooth issues..Help

Susan - posted on 02/08/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Please help. Is there someone I can talk to who has had a toddler with tooth issues. Took my daughter to her first pediatric dentist appt. yesterday and were given really bad news. Looks like we will be having work done at a hospital in the next few weeks. Has anyone had experience with toddlers having x-rays? Also sedation? So many things I am worried about. Thanks


Cecilia - posted on 02/11/2013




if you're worried about the x-ray having some negative affect, don't worry. She would need to stand in that radiation every day for 5 years for it to have an affect. (well that isn't the exact numbers but you get the idea)

Sedation, i will warn you of one thing that doctors didn't warn me of. Sedation is tricky to get right at that age. Sometimes it will take a very long time to wake them up after. It makes you feel horrible when they won't wake up. the truth is it isn't doing any harm. My son was born with an issue that we still don't have a name for.. anyways he was put under anesthesia ( i don't know what they plan on using in your case) at least 10 times before he was 6 months. One time it took 8 hours to wake him up. I was crying and frantic. Even then no one explained anything to me.


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How old is she? My just turned 5 yr old hadn't been to the dentist since he was 2. At that time he was too young for them to do anything expect put fluoride on his teeth and he screamed so loud yo would have thought someone was trying to kill him. He went just a few weeks ago to have his first x-rays and he did great. The lady explained everything before she did it. I also told him before we went that he would have his teeth cleaned, and that sometimes the things they use look scary or make loud noises but there is nothing to be afraid of and it wouldn't hurt. He did great! Unfortunately he turned out he had some cavities. All but one were in between teeth which means we need to work on flossing :-/ The one that wasn't in between the teeth was the worst, it needed a crown. I felt horrible, but the dentist assured me that it is very common, but that doesn't stop the mommy guilt unfortunately. I told him again everything that would happen. I even told him about the big needle they have to use to numb your mouth, and told him that it wouldn't hurt because they would put something on his cheek so he couldn't feel it. They gave him laughing gas, and while he was a bit silly, he followed instructions well and didn't even notice the big needle. The problem didn't come until we left and the numbing medicine started to wear off. He cried but calmed down after a few minutes. I gave him Tylenol when we got home and everything was fine! Just try to explain to her what will happen, and that mommy will be right there and everything will be fine. That is about all you can do. Each child reacts differently. Good luck and I hope everything goes well!

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