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My two year old has been going through a lot of medical issues since she was barely over a year old. She had tubes put in her ears in April last year and then she started having severely swollen lymph nodes and her doctor thought that it could possibly be cancer. Well, she ended up having surgery in October of last year to have a lymph node removed and we found out that it was a-typical micro bacteria that is like tb, but is the non-contagious form of it. Her doctors at the children's hospital put her on medicine after they did her surgery. Then shortly after her birthday on Christmas she had another lymph node come back up. They did surgery on March 15 to take it out and this time they took out two and then a week later they did emergency on her because they thought she had blood draining into her neck. Well, she didn't which was a total blessing. Anyways, we went back to the doctor just last week and they started her on a new medication to see if it would help bring her swelling down because she is still really swollen. Well, since then she had been waking up 3-4 times a night screaming and it takes me about 45 minutes to get her back to sleep and has been really aggressive and complains about her stomach and her fingers and everything all the time. I have researched the new medicine and there have been some reports of aggressive behavior and abdominal pains reported and numbness and tingling are side effects. I told her infectious disease doctor that I didn't like what was happening and she said to deal with it. What should I do?


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Call them back until they listen. Be firm & tell them that you are not comfortable with the side effects the new med is having on her & insist that they try something new. You could also try calling a Pharm-D at a good pharmacy and just pose the question to them by just saying that your daughter is on "x" medicine and has been having some troubling side effects and you were wondering whether or not there is an alternative medicine that would be equally effective for her problem & that she may possibly tolerate better so that you can make the suggestion to her doctor. After all is said & done, you quite possibly couId find that what she is on is your only solution but it is definitely worth researching & being a bit demanding to have your concerns heard. The medical community can fail miserably sometimes and you just have to be super active & vigilant in her care to make sure the best calls are being made. After all, you are her mother & her advocate & voice so don't let their degrees tell you any different unless, after you've explored the possibilities, they appear to be on target. Good luck!

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