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Emma - posted on 03/22/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




i have a friend that has a 4 month old little girl but she has a milk allergy and my friend wants some good recipes for a child with a milk allergy!! plz help?


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AlbanMommy - posted on 04/02/2012




How could they tell so young? They wouldnt test my kids until 1 year old. My 4 year old daughter is allergic to milk,nuts, & fish.

Amanda - posted on 03/22/2012




Does she have a milk protein allergy or is she sensitive to lactose? We found out my son has a milk protein allergy when he was 6. He's had it since birth, but drs. didn't want to look at allergies until he was older because most children outgrow milk allergies by kindergarden. In regards to recipes - you can make any recipe using almond, rice, soy, coconut, or hemp milk. Hemp milk isn't good. Use rice or coconut milk for dessert type recipes because its very sweet. Soy is a general use all.

My family exclusively uses almond milk. It is the closest in taste and texture to cow's milk. However, with an infant your friend can pretty much choose anything and go with it because the baby won't miss what she isn't used to.

I do want to say, because your friend's daughter is only 4 months old, she shouldn't be using anything aside from what the pediatrician recommends. At 4 months there are very specific nutrients she needs that aren't available from plant milk. When she is older it will be important to read ingredient labels. For example, Kashi makes a milk free granola bar, Chef Boyardi mini shells and meatballs are the ONLY milk free pasta, oreos and nutter butters don't contain milk ingredients, but chips ahoy does. Some cake, cookie, and pudding mixes don't contain milk so if you make them at home, use the replacement milk product and you have a safe alternative for birthday partys and treats. Most tortillas do not contain milk and many whole grain breads do not. Salami and pepperoni contain lactic acid - it causes a slight reaction in my son. If you have a deli that sells "Black Bear" brand meat, they are great, fewer fillers, less likelihood of triggering allergy!

Mostly, if it isn't a life threatening allergy, it will be a matter of picking and choosing what food products it is important for her to feed her baby that might have small amounts of milk in them, and avoid the ones that can be substituted.

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