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Thanks for responding to my first question! Well turns out that I started my period after all yesterday. but my boobies seem to still hurt & feeling super sleepy all the time. What should I do or what can it be?


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Jeneva - posted on 08/01/2010




Wait till after your period is done. My boobs sometimes hurt during too. However, if the sleepiness continues and you aren't pregnant get your thyroid checked.

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I have often had symptoms like you described and it usually turns out to be PMS. I only experience PMS when I am under stress but it always feels like I am pregnant.

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It could be, but periods can give you those symptoms too. Wait a while after your period is over and see how you feel, and go from there. I would say if you want to do barely anything, and just want to sleep all the time, that would lean towards a pregnancy but who knows. I like to have tests in my house just for this reason.

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