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My sister in law and brother are arguing and talking of separation with their home currently for sale.

She is not in a partnership with my brother she fails at her responsibilities as a mother and I fret with love and concern for my 4 brothers daughter.

She will not work does nothing. No housework, laundry or cooking. She would rather go through a drive though than cook for her daughter, never mind consider her diet. My brother says she is lazy and he has walked in on her lying down leaving her daughter playing by herself or with the TV on when my brother is working.

My brother cooks, cleans and does everything and care for his daughter.

He is the better care giver and provides. Should he go for care? How will the courts deal with this?

I am frantic with worry for this situation and I want to protect the little one and do the best by her?

Please advise moms?


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Shauna - posted on 12/04/2012




Yes you should talk to an attorney, but there's really nothing that you can do. He will need to do it. I men he could use our help and support but it's going to be him that has to do it. I would tell your brother to take pictures and document everything. If he sees her laying on the couch sleeping and his daughter playing or whatever then he needs to take a picture of it and document it. When he goes to court he needs to take the pictures and the notebook that he has documented everything in with him and show the judge. I think that it would also help if he had some witnesses, not just witnesses from your family because the judge might say that its your family against her even i there is probable cause. I hope this helps you. Good luck and I will be praying for you and your family that you will get everyhing figured out and that your brother can get your niece out of that situation.

Shalonde - posted on 12/04/2012




From watching my parents fight for custody of my little brother, I learned that it is far more difficult for a man to gain custody of children unless the mom is deemed 110% unfit. My mom allowed my brother to live with my dad for well over a yr my mom didnt help my dad at all not even a hair cut and all she did was cried "i love my son" & they were given joint custody and my dad still must pay her child support (she only wrks part time) and my brother still has yet to set foot in her house. I say this all this to say he's gne need a little more than McDonalds receipts to gain custody ... But best regards to ur brother and most of all ur niece, she affected most in this situation :)

(Btw this could just be ohio's less than great court system)

Michelle - posted on 12/02/2012




A judge will give primary care to the person who spends the majority of the time with her, my suggestion is if they haven't already seperated when they do he needs to take the little girl with him before deciding to file for divorce that way at the time of the divorce he has already been the primary care giver.

Becca - posted on 12/02/2012




you should consult to an attorney. He could handle the situation better than us, im just a pediatric

neuro surgeon, i know nothing about law.

Amy - posted on 12/02/2012




We're not attorneys and that would be the best person to talk to. It's hard to say how the courts will handle the situation, but if he wants primary custody of the children he can certainly file for it and see what happens.

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