Moving and a cold/cough but Serious crankiness towards mommy?

Shawna Terpstra - posted on 03/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




This is a semi-long truly loaded story and the bottom line is my 31/4 year old daughter seems to have suddenly changed her attitude. She has a mild case of asthma and has had a cough that gets worse when she is sick and she has a mild cold but I don't want her to live at the Dr.'s office either? My Husband and I moved from PA to TX and she was away from her daddy for like 2 months. We skyped as often as we could While I was in CA staying with my parents. She was also in another really good preschool for 3 days a week while we were there. So now we are in TX. My Husband was here first, then I got here, and finally she got here 10 days later. Those last 3 days were really harsh for me. I have now found a preschool for her here and she starts tomorrow it is actually a Primrose and it looks fantastic!!! She is suddenly constantly saying "no" to everything! We are also expecting another baby in early May. We truly have a lot on our plate and I have been as consistent and loving throughout this entire hectic process as possible!!!! She has a Dr. in Norcal and I know she is more cranky when she is not feeling good but it's like she is suddenly truly dramatic with "No's" and she is Yelling and tantruming...all over the simplest things she never really yelled at before, like brushing her hair, taking a nap, dealing with water in her eyes in a bath? She never really yelled before. All these differences in just 10 days? I try not to say "No" to her too much but between getting the house and everything ready for her and her sister and dr.'s appointments I just want to be as "cool" as I can for her. I use other strategies...Any positive constructive suggestions please. My husband and I are handling things really well, he is her angel right now and she is so glad to be around him, they both are! For a while she didn't want him to go anywhere as she was worried he would be going away for a long time. Thoughts suggestions as to why my daughter has amped up her yelling and No's with all this change in her life.


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I think you said it and answered it yourself.

Thoughts suggestions as to why my daughter has amped up her yelling and No's with all this change in her life.

I would say it has been hard for her. She will more than likely get back in the groove of things, once everything calms down.

Consistency and persistence is key with a young child. Hold your ground. If she is not behaving, time out it is, do not let her out until her time is up. Talk with her, while getting down at her level, so she can look in your eyes. Ask her why she is so mad. Tell her you know everything has changed and you feel sad for her not being happy but that everything will be happy again real soon. Once she is used to going to primrose and the baby is here, she will be able to settle in. It is hard on a little one to have so much change at once. ;)

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