My 14 month old is hitting my face and pulling my do i teach her to stop?

Fatema - posted on 04/17/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi. My 14th month old daughter just started to hit my face and pull my hair. When I have her in my arms, sometimes she will look at me, then hit my face, pull my lips, pull my hair. I read somewhere, she is just showing love and I should teach her to kiss and hug. When she does this, I kiss and hug her to show her that is how to love. I've been doing trying this, and saying no to her when she hits and pulls my hair. One time I just started laughing, when she did this, and then she stopped!

Today I was out with her at the mall, and she was playing in the children's play area. She was looking for me after a while and asked me to pick her up. I did and then all of a sudden she started hitting my face!?? I just kissed her, hoping she would stop!

Any suggestions, on how to make her stop this? I've been trying but I don't think she is understanding that she is not suppose to do that.


Toni - posted on 04/18/2011




When you pick her up and she starts hitting you, put her back down again straight away. Crouch down to her head height and put on a very sad face saying "That is not how you show you love me". Children really react to facial expressions. Then give her a big cuddles and kiss and say with a big happy face "Thats how you show love!"
Not sure how many other people this has worked for, but it worked great for my son, who was 1 1/2 when he went through that stage


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Amanda - posted on 05/27/2011




I agree with Toni. The second she starts hitting, pulling, or biting, set her down. Crouch down and tell her it makes you sad that she hurts you. Tell her you will pick her back up when she is ready to be nice. Then stand up and turn away from her.
She will probably cry and beg to be picked back up. Ask her if she is ready to be nice. Repeat as many times as necessary. She will get it quickly enough that if she wants your attention and cuddles that she can't act that way.

Heather - posted on 05/26/2011




My daughter did this for about 3 weeks. whenever she did it, i would hold her in my lap, hold her hands so she couldnt hit me, and tell her "no hitting, ever" sometimes she would throw a HUGE fit (in which case i just continued to hold her until she was done) and sometimes she wouldnt. she now hasnt hit me in almost 8 months.

Deepti - posted on 05/18/2011




U can give her a teddy and tell that this is her friend and now hug her... u can do it urself to show ur daughter that she should be gentle. the moment u think that she is about to hit or bite, divert her attention and talk something nice which would change her mind. visit here hor help:

Jill - posted on 05/17/2011




My daughter does the same thing including biting me when I am not giving her my complete unduvuded attention. Her dr said it was her being awnry, but she only bites me and she hits others too. When she bites me she gets a stern no and she sits in a chair that is the time-out chair. When you tell her no don't show her any attention for a minute or so. Then once she is done with time-out show her some love with hugs and kisses. You have to use good and bad facial expressions too. I didn't at first and she thought it was funny, but the minute I changed my facial expressions along with a stern no she has caught on that mommy doesn't like this. Trying to rationalize with a 14 mth old is almost impossible, but talk to her and see if she understands what you mean. They understand more than we give them credit for. Hope this helps. Good luck

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