my 18 month old won't eat.

Patricia Ann - posted on 05/13/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 18 month old only eats in his time and not with the rest of us and he's talky finicky and turns his face away when I try to feed him. Any advice? Or should I let him be until he's hungry?


Victoria - posted on 05/14/2015




They say that kids have control over two things: what goes in and what comes out, and to try not to mess with either, but, I think that this is a battle worth picking. With that being said, maybe try not giving him as many snacks during the day, and make family meals enticing with everyone making a big to-to over him. You could also give him a sticker on a chart each time he eats with the family, and each time he fills a row, he gets a little reward of some kind. If your little guy eats dessert (yogurt, fruit, etc.) you could try having him eat that at the table with everyone first. There might be some tantrums, but he'll eventually get over it once he sees how much fun eating with the family can be :)

Ladydk13 - posted on 05/14/2015




My son use to eat every 2 hours around that age but very little portions.. Then he changed and started eating every 3 to 4 hours bigger meals... Now he is 2 and now I wait until he's hungry... He cannot communicate to meal the time because he has cerebral palsy but I watch out for cues like him sticking his hands to his mouth instead of his toys or starts clicking his teeth for no reason... You know your child best so maybe you can try just waiting until he's hungry... As long as you take him to the doctor for his checkups and his weight is fine then you should have no problem doing so... Last resort would be to see a gastrologist or a nutritionist


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