My 19 month old son wont sleep!!

Ashley - posted on 04/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi mommies!, im completely new to this, so bare with me :)! Im very happy i joined. Ok so i have a huge problem , maybe its my fault lol. Ok well my son he is 19 months at the time. Hes very active and hyper little boy. Sometimes he will have his moments when he eats really well and sometimes he just won what so ever. He just wants his milk in his bottle. So i give him a full 10 oz bottle for nap time and another before bed but keep in mind that lately he just does not want to eat. During the night ladies, he wakes up about five times a night!!! Like a newborn asking me for milk. And ill get up and give him like 5 oz. than he will sleep and wake up agian 2 hrs after. Its been soooo hard. He has not slept through the night since he was a newborn and even yet when he was a newborn wouldn't really nap. During the day he takes a one hr nap around 12 noon. Than is up until bed time which is around 10. If he dosent wake up for a bottle he will wake up screaming and throwing fits in his sleeps he slaps me and just pushes himself off my arms i dont know what wrong. I havent sleep 8 hrs straight since i had him lol!!! Should i cut the milk? I mean i dont know please help!!!


Ann - posted on 04/07/2014




Both my daughters went through this phase. My pediatrician said it was nothing and will eventually grow out of it. I went cold turkey with it completely. They both got their 10oz bottle of warm milk before bed and that was it. If they woke up in the middle of the night I went in, stuck the soother back in their mouth, comforted them saying it's time to go back to sleep, you already had your bottle, and would leave the room. If they were still crying, I'd go back in 10 minutes later, then 20, and so on until they fell back asleep. It was harder than just getting up every 2 hours but worth it in the long run when you have that one night you got to sleep all the way through and wake up feeling like a million bucks haha

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