My 19 month old still doesn't sleep thru the night, he wakes up every few hours crying.


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Terri - posted on 02/04/2010




mY DAUGHTER still gets up as well. i just try and comfort her as much as I can. She gets up 4 times a night. I know its frustrating but just try and comfory your child

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Some of the reasond my kids weren't sleeping through the night was cause the dummy/pacifier was falling out.. they moved too much and kept bumping in the end of the cot or teeth.... If dummy/pacifier i got rid of it.. if cot I changed them into a big bed if teeth i looked at giving them relief either creams for the gums or panadol or some sort of pain killer.... Is it i'm awake and crying or i'm not really awake my eyes are closed but i am going to grizzle/cry.. if it is that maybe look at not rushing in there too quickly and give him time to try and settle himself.. My son did that one a bit too. I hope this has helped. Good luck

Mandy - posted on 02/03/2010




Could he be getting his molars? He's about the age when the 2 year old molars come in.

Rachel - posted on 02/03/2010




May daughter has always been a pretty good sleeper but went through period where she would wake up a lot for a few weeks. As long as it isn't because they are sick or hurt I would recommend ignoring and letting him learn to get back to sleep on his own. He may just be relying on you for that comfort to fall back to sleep but needs to learn how to do it on his own.

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