My 2 year old cannot say a word and has repetitive behaviour

Happy - posted on 08/24/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )





My son has just turned 2 years old and in his two years he has not learnt anything at all really. He can walk and climb but does not interact with us almost at all, he doesn't listen to us most of the time. He cannot say any words or even come close to saying anything whatsoever. He cannot play toys properly he just rolls them around or mostly just avoids them altogether. Hes favorite things to do are slam cupboard doors continuously and walk around the garden collecting stones to put in his mouth. We are very worried now and have a series of appointments lined up firstly a hearing test but i have done quite a few of my own hearing tests and he seems fine he just lives in his own little world.

I have convinced myself by comparing him to all the other two year olds I have met that he might be autistic, he also cries alot for no apparent reason.

Hes very repetitive behavior and as I type this he his again just opening and closing doors I feel really stressed out right now as he wont interact with me or hardly ever makes eye contact cannot follow any commands and doesn't listen to anything we say to him.


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Katherine - posted on 08/24/2012




I'm no doctor, but I've worked with autistic children for 5 years on and off. Those are classic symptoms. You are doing all the right things by having him evaluated right away. You can also go to autism speaks for support, your local autism chapter and we have an autism group on here. If you want the link I can give it to you.

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