my 2 year old doesnt take naps so hes up from about 9 am to 12 pm. What can i do?


Bethany - posted on 10/02/2009




He's up for fifteen hours straight?! It sounds like he's way overtired, which would make him sleep less (I know, sounds crazy).

Start a routine! And have an earlier bedtime! Both of those will help your son get the sleep he needs (and you get a break). Midnight is way too late for a child. Most children get naturally tired around 7pm. So, to begin with, you'd need to adjust that. Watch your son starting around 5:30pm or so. As soon as he starts to show signs of tiredness (rubbing his eyes, getting cranky, yawning, etc), then put him to bed. You'll probably notice a pattern developing after a few days of a consistent time that he gets tired each evening. So make that his new bedtime. If he start waking up earlier, then you can later introduce a nap in the afternoon if he needs it. Some kids, though, will sleep 12-15 hours at night and forgo the nap.

If it helps, my daughter is 18 months, and just shifted to her new toddler routine with one nap instead of two. Not that you have to do this, but sometimes it helps to see what other parents are doing. :) Her sleeping looks like this:
7am wake up
12/12:30 nap
3pm(ish) wake up
7pm bedtime.

If you're a reader, I'd recommend reading "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth.

Hope that helps! =)


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Kristin - posted on 10/02/2009




My 3 year old didn't take naps, I have her on a schedule, we go for a walk from 9-10, we get back and she's ready to lay down at that point, I either read to her or turn on a book on cd (Wendy's had them in happy meals), and she'll lay there and rest for an hour or so or even fall asleep, they don't have to take a nap but as long as they are laying down resting then they'll be better behaved. When it's time for her to wake up she gets lunch, goes and plays, and dinner at 5 something, bath at 6 and bed at 7. It's worked for me so far!! Good Luck!!

Becky - posted on 10/01/2009




9am to mid-night? wow. i would make him take a nap. promise him something special the first couple times he does take a nap and praise him lots for doing so. if that don't work, lay down with him till he falls asleep. or you could always let him cry himself to sleep in his room away room all toys.

DeVera - posted on 10/01/2009




That's only a three hour span. The older he gets the less he will want to take a nap. You will need to find something that will make him tired. Something that will get his creative thinking going used to help mine. Then give him a quiet time with just the sound of some soft music and rub gently on his back.

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Do you mean to say that he is up until midnight? My son stopped taking naps at age 2 as well. But he always sleeps 12 hours at night. Our evenings are very routined. Bath, brush teeth, read 2 books, then jump in bed. Try quiet activities before bedtime and rub his back or rock him for awhile to get him settled. If he continues to be a night owl then wake him up earlier so that he will be tired later on. I had to do that with my son for several weeks until his body got used to the schedule. He was staying awake until 10:00 or 10:30 and it was driving me nuts. Good luck.

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