My 2 year old is OBSESSED with Minnie Mouse

Elizabeth - posted on 10/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




How cute and normal right?! WRONG. This Minnie Mouse obsession is literally ruining our lives. My daughter wants to watch Minnie Mouse on iPhones, iPads, TV, portable DVD players... anywhere ALL THE TIME. She woke up at 2:47 am last night SCREAMING about wanting to watch Minnie Mouse. She has two Minnie Mouse stuffed animals and a Daisy Duck, they all go everywhere with her. Basically everything has be Minnie Mouse. She throws extreme trantrums over Minnie Mouse with low and pitched demonic sounding screams. She has been mad at my mom for days now because my mom told her she can't watch Minnie Mouse all the time or have Minnie Mouse things all the time, this royally upset my daughter and she has not forgotten about it. Now when my mom calls and I'm on the phone, my daughter grabs my phone and says "no more grandma" and presses the end button on my phone, then she finds her Minnie Mouse cartoons on my phone and watches it. I can't even describe in detail how consuming this obsession is. I know kids LOVE things with all their heart when they're really into it, but this is like an extreme devotion that is keeping her from functioning properly. I'm afraid if I tell her doctor about it she will just laugh at me and tell me it's normal for 2 year olds to do that. It's not normal!!!! When her child gets like this she will see! I swear, it's really really insane. How do I break her from this obsession and get her into a variety of things? Better yet how do I break her from addictions all together? She is obsessed with/ addicted to coloring too, pretty much only loves to eat pretzles, and screams for hours when these things are taken from her. She held a sit in at a clothing store yesterday because they wouldn't let her take home their crayons in their little children's play area.


Natalie - posted on 10/05/2013




Hey sounds like your having a tough time with your little sweetie. Attachments are usually are a good thing but it does seem like shes consumed in Minnie mouse. Ho long has this been happening for? I'm not sure what you have tried but maybe let her keep her stuffed toy she holds on too and let her only watch 1 or 2 episodes a day max. Taking it all away will make it worse and she might think she in being punished for liking a cartoon character. Maybe if you explain Minnie mouse gets busy sometimes and she needs naps and does all sorts of things during the day, so she cant be with you every minuet. But when she is you will have lots of fun. I know its silly but you know how kids imaginations are lol If she does have tantrums you should hide Minnie and say something like ohhh Minnie mouse doesn't like playing with people who scream because it scares her. If you're quiet she will come back and give you a big cuddle and play with you. Not sure if this will help but good luck :)

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