My 2 Year old wont eat anything

Maham - posted on 09/28/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi guys...i need some help with my daughter....she does not like to eat. She is a very active 27 month old baby but she refuses to eat first alot of you might think that i am exaggerating like every other mother but im not. She hasn't tasted fruit, chicken, beef, rice, roti, cookies, ice cream, cereal (pretty much anything). She just drinks milk all day long and for few days i tried not giving her milk, instead of eating or tasting anything she would cry non stop. Her doctor thinks since she is at her normal weight and height, i shouldnt worry about her.
I just want her to taste something and if she doesnt like it than thats perfectly fine but she doesnt put any kind of food in her mouth. Yesterday i was eating ice cream and i just wanted her to taste it but she refused and started crying...but i made her eat just a tiny teaspoon and instead of liking it she started gagging and threw up little bit...thats not normal. When she was little we gave her everything except junk food but now im willing to give her chocolate, ice cream or candy and she still refuses. We dont have family or friends here so we cant do play groups with other kids. Any tips and ideas from anyone would be great...thanks


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u you know i would go see a doctor but my nephew was raised like that ( in a different home) just given milk and we had a hard time getting him to eat what we did was tellng everyone that he got only 3 cups of milk breakfast , lunch, dinner,,, no more milk after that give juices between that shes 2 she will not starve her self ,, stick to it eggs with cheese my 9 month loves kicks,, but i would start from the beginning with her see how it gos see shes getting full on milk thats one of the reasons why shes not hungry if she dont get milk every time she waants it then she should go for other food i have 2 kids

Michelle - posted on 09/29/2013




I would be getting a 2nd opinion. She may have a dislike to certain textures. Try and get a referral to a dietician as well.
If your doctor won't do anything see someone who will listen to you. It's not normal for a 2yo to not be eating anything.


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