My 2 yr 9 month old son screams for hair cuts.

Kellie - posted on 01/23/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son was born with a lot of hair and has been having it cut since he was 6 months old. When he was around a year old he started crying for his hair cuts. He's almost 3 now and still kicks and screams when we try and have his hair cut. I've even tried having someone come to our house to do it. The first time he did good and then the second time he screamed. His hair looks horrible and it's time to have it cut again. Any suggestions. I cannot do it myself. I'm going to have to either take him somewhere or have someone come to my house again. I'd rather take him somewhere if possible.


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Niki-Dee - posted on 01/26/2009




My son has only received one hair cut he is two, but he was so scared so we watched another child get his hair cut first, and when my son got in the seat he was almost excited and the barber let him hold the tools and stuff so maybe if your son was involved like holding things and what not he would have a little better experience?

Melanie - posted on 01/25/2009




We went through this stage with my son, the only thing that worked was taking him to the hair salon and having him sit on our lap.  He was perfectly fine.    Now he sits on his own like it is no problem!

Joane - posted on 01/23/2009




My son is 2 yrs 8 months and we were finally able to give him a decent haircut only a month ago. We used to have to chase him around with scissors and hope for the best, but lately he wouldn't even go for that. So, my husband bought an electric razor and showed DS how he did his own hair, we showed him how his 8 month old brother loves to have his hair cut (we pretended to do baby's hair) and we let him play with the razor (no blade in) and feel it vibrate. Finally, he was intrigued enough to let his Dad cut his hair! Hooray!!

I hope this helps you out!

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