My 21 month old son is a very picky eater..

Karen - posted on 07/07/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is 21 months old, and VERY picky. He mostly will only eat mac n cheese, perdue chicken nuggets, and fries. He wont eat vegetables, and will barely eat fruit..bananas are about it. Anyone else out there having the same problem? I offer him everything we are having, he scrunches his nose up and drops it in the floor like hes saying ' eeew, mom, gross!' I have also tried vitamins. He spits them out. Im worried he's not getting what he needs. Any ideas? Thanks!!


Trusha - posted on 07/12/2013




My daughters love this, i boil sweet potatos with cinnamon and fuji apples, i serve that with rice, a sort of healthy filling version of rice pudding. You can also try making ur own chicken nuggets and stuffing it with veggies and chicken. I normally try to add the veggies they hate with the foods they do like. You can also try making faces with the food on his plate, that might help. Soups and stews also help if you chop up the veggies fine.

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Maybe you can try to prepare them in a different way. Or serve them in an interesting way.

For example, if he doesn't eat vegetables, perhaps you can try to make vegetable spring rolls or samosa. The vegetables are wrapped and presented in a different way.

Another suggestion is that you can try preparing food the way he likes them. If he likes fried food (eg. Chicken nugget), you can try making other fried food like fish fingers. If he likes fries, try making sweet potato fries or even pumpkin fries.

For fruits, maybe you can cut them in shapes that interest him. For example, my son likes anything that is round or circular in shape so I try to prepare his food in that particular shape (eggroll, fish ball, pancake, etc)

Another suggestion is not to serve the food directly to him. My son refuses to try new food especially when we serve it directly to him. What I do is that I put the food in my plate, and I ate it, casually in front of him but not to a point that is too obvious that you are trying to get his attention. Once he sees you enjoying it, he may decide that he wants to try it out too.

All the best!

Dawn - posted on 07/09/2013




I have a picky eater myself...including myself. I have actually started taking things and grinding them up into the things my daughter will eat. Grind it til it's soupy and mix it in. I know someone who actually grinded up black beans and put them in brownies and she even ate them, along with her two songs who are autistic and picky. If your son will eat oatmeal, try adding some grinded fruit to it or even cinnamon applesauce. My dauther loves it. I also add parmesan cheese to some stuff. It's hard to pick off and sometimes my daughter doesn't realize it's there. Good luck.


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Teresa - posted on 07/07/2013




Just keep trying different things. They go through stages of what they like but bananas seem to be popular all around. Both my kids will like one thing at one time and then change.

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