My 2yr old does not talk, he babbles. What can I do to help him create words?

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My son turned 2 in January and he is not talking at all. When you ask him to say things he shakes his head at you as if to say no. He babbles a lot and points to things and I tell him what they are but he does not say the same things I do. He says Mom and Dad and he can communicate that he wants a drink, or to eat or to go lay down, or to take a bath or even for a dirty diaper, but this is all without talking. I have been told that he may have a hearing problem because we talk to him all the time and he is not picking anything up. I am taking him to the Dr's tomorrow for his checkup and maybe they may be able to tell me if there is something wrong with him or if he is just learning sounds before words. Any advice would help a lot! Thanks in advance.


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My 22mth old is only saying a few actual words. He babbles alot, it sounds like Chinese. He just got tubes in his ears 2 weeks ago b/c of several ear infections. I have already noticed some improvement. At the end of six weeks the ear dr said if he isn't speaking alot better, he will order speech therapy. this is new to me b/c my other son was saying 2-3 words at at time at this age. May just be the kids, they all develop so differently.


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my son is nearly 4 we still can't understand everything that he says have had him to pediatrician,speech therapist and gp all tell us nothing is wrong we have just started him in pre school his speech is better already but at 2 i would not be worried yet

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Thanks for all the advice! I did take him to his pediatrician and she has set him up for a hearing and speech evaluation which is next Thursday. I have been trying to spend more time with him and continue to ask him to say things for me and he has started to at least try, I don't think he has a hearing impairment but he is not on schedule with his age group as far as speech goes. If they tell me that he doesn't need therapy then I have looked into the different programs you all suggested and I will sign him up for at least one of them to help him! Thanks again!

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I have the same problem. My son turned 2 in October (2009) and still does not say more then maybe 10 words (none of which are clear) When I took him to the pediatrician, he too was concerned. He set Colton up with a Audiology appointment and a Speech Evaluation. He said that "average" development for a 2 year old is that they should be starting to create simple sentences. And, I know Colton is FAR from that! You should definitely schedule a speech and hearing evaluation.

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Look for a program in your area called "Early Intervention" They help children like this. My nephew had a speech delay and around 2 years of age my sister put him in the program. He is 5 now and his speech as improved greatly! The program was free for my sister. I live in NY and i just told someone else about it in California and she looked it up and they had it in her area too. Also, this program is great bc they will go to your child's daycare or school, or wherever. And they work around your schedule so it's pretty simple.

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you can tell him to use his big boy words and what ever u do dont give in to him when he wants something make him tell u what he wants like my daughter wants something to drink she asks for a cuppy and then io ask her what she wants and she will tell me milk jucie or water and keep doing that untill he starts using his words

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I would have his hearing tested and then see what the result is there. If there is no hearing issue I would contact your local school and they will connect you with AEA (area education Agency), which can evaluate him for his speech. If they feel there is a need for therapy they will get you set up with a speech therapist. (all programs through AEA are free). Each child develops differently, but I think you have the right idea of being proactive in this department. Speech affects SO much of their learning. If there is an issue it is better to get help earlier than later so they don't fall so far behind.

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my son is 2 years of age the way im teaching him is to show him pictures of animals and say the words with him slowely it is working but very slowely hope it helps out

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