my 3 year old doesn't like me

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Lately, my 3 year old daughter tells me that she doesn't love me or doesn't like me. She hadn't did it in a while - but out the blue she does it again. It happened last night while I was doing her hair. As I was combing her hair and she was watching cartoons, she just comes out and says 'mommy I don't love you'. I stop and look at her and ask her why she says "because you go to work, you disappeared" jaw dropped. I was speechless. I explained to her why I go to work and that I need to work for her and I so I can buy the things we need like clothes, toys, food, etc. She seemed to understand, but later in that night, I gave her bath, put her in my bed, she starts going to sleep, while I'm in the living room, she calls and says, "mommy please read me a bed time story". So I read her story, she smiles and she's happy. After that I go back to the living room, she she calls me again and ask me to lay down with her, I lay down next to her, look at her in eyes, tell her to go sleep and rub her back, all of a sudden she gets upset and says she wants to sleep with her Nana...which is my mother. I was so hurt and still hurting...not only does she tell me she doesn't love me or like me sometimes, she goes even further and says I love or like grandma or nana....please help me. any advice?, this is so painful for daughter's thoughts seem very genuine and honest which is what hurts the most. I can't help that I am a full time working mother. I spend all my time with my daughter and buy her things, hug her and tell her I love her. sometimes she pulls away, but sometimes she runs to me. I don't know -,I'm confused and hurt...


Madhvi - posted on 02/20/2015




I believe she is too young n doesn't actually mean it. But yeah as a mother it hurts. U can ask ur mom to talk to ur daughter about you in positive manner that how much u luv her..also u can give her names of her friends who have working moms. Introduce her to lady icons.... Tell her about her fav teacher being a mom too

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