My 3 year old has started to suck her thumb.

Ashley - posted on 02/08/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 3 year old has started to suck her thumb. she never has done this before. she never even used a bink. i have been trying to get her to stop for the past 2 weeks but she refuses to. everyone i know all have the same answer to my problem and its to hit her. i think that is the worst thing i could do. i wanna know why she is doing this out of no were and what i can do to stop it. any tips ill be greatly appreciated


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Gigi - posted on 02/09/2013




I think you are right - hitting her will be about the worst you can do. It could just be a phase, and it stops by iteself soon. As Elfrieda said, she could be copying someone else or she just belatedly found out it is a comfort. I am not sure you have to do anything to stop her, or that it would productive. Mine is not sucking on her thumb, so I don't know what are the downsides of it - is it just visual aspect or something more that bothers you?

Elfrieda - posted on 02/08/2013




Wow, that's surprising! Is she teething, by any chance? My son started sucking his thumb when he was 12 months old with no prior inclination to it. He was chewing on his fingers to get relief from molar pain and I guess he liked it.

Or maybe she has a friend who sucks her thumb, and wants to copy?

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