My 3 year old never wants to stay home!?

Misty24_fleshstar - posted on 05/03/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have a 3 year old who always wants to leave with friends or family members...He recently has been staying the night with people (3 times in a month)??guessing....and he will throw the biggest temper tantrums when i tell him i the only one with this problem? lol


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Dawn - posted on 08/09/2012




My daughter is the complete opposite! She's a total homebody. She rarely wants to go anywhere. Every morning, she asks if it's a school day. She goes twice a week, and on those days when I say yes, she cries and complains. I remind her how she'll get to see all her friends, but she complains about them (even though she likes to see them outside of school). Her teacher tells me she plays by herself most of the time, reading books and doing puzzles. On the days when it's just the two of us, she doesn't seem to want to go anywhere. Drives me nuts because I'm very social and active. Staying home all the time is not my idea of fun. I try to get her interested in outside activities. So far, her favorites are the ones that don't require her to interact with anyone but me. Her dad says she's a momma's girl. I know I should enjoy it while it lasts, and I am. It's just sometimes, mommy needs a break! It's tough having a talking shadow!

Wish I could be of more help to you. I'd recommend finding out what he's doing at these other people's houses that he can't do at home. If it's just the social interaction, perhaps you could set up playdates.

Katy - posted on 08/09/2012




I gavé an eight Year old daughter WHO hates coming home after sleep overs she makes up scories so she can sleepova annoter day she tells everyone m'y partner is horrible but Chen they are together they get on like house on fire help me pls i work nightshifts Also
so she has ti have thé sleepova but ils getting ti thé point now that m'y parents will ne askin me what am i working this week and they will watch her even of m'y partner id off work and hits not needed

Misty24_fleshstar - posted on 05/05/2012




Thanks guys! i also have a 2 year old girl who wants to go wherever her brother goes if he stays the night somewhere and she is at home she is constantly asking where he is....:(

Amy - posted on 05/03/2012




My son is 6 my daughter 2 they would rather stay with their grandparents then us. My parents live 4 hours away and my son thinks he's going to be spending the entire summer there, and my daughter who doesn't speak just pushes us away when it's time to go. I think it's great that your son is so comfortable to go with others, some kids aren't and that means there parents get no "me" time. Let him go and enjoy the sleep!

Katherine - posted on 05/03/2012




Hey, go for it. More time for you. It's good he wants to get out and socialize!

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