My 3-year-old won't wear underwear!

Lindsay - posted on 02/09/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm in potty training agony right now. My 3-year-old boy will not advance in his potty training. He is an only child and revels in the spotlight of being the "baby." But he will go on the potty he just hates wearing underwear. I have bought characters, boxers ect.. and he still wants his diaper. What should I do??


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Good luck! I know.... not real helpful, but I've dealt w/ and am still dealing w/ this exact issue.

My son has been fully day and night trained for about 2 months now. He has just recently started wearing his underwear MOST of the time during the day, but still insists on his diaper every night. He's got about 7 left (I can reuse them for a while since they're never wet) and I am NOT buying him more diapers.

He started out refusing all underwear. He would put it on for about 2 seconds and be over it. For Christmas I bought him Cars underwear. Took a week or two, but finally he started wearing the Lightning McQueen pair. I asked him what underwear he would wear and he said 'Woody', so we went and bought a pack of Toy Story undies. Then there were 2 pairs that he would wear. He has 2 big sisters that he likes to copy and one day they were both wearing plain white panties, so he started wearing his single pair of white ones. Then I went and bought a pack of plain white ones, so he had about 9 pairs that he would wear. He has JUST started wearing a couple of his other pairs.... He has a total of 21 or 22 pairs and will wear about 10-12 of them so far.

Start telling him that he can wear his diapers when ever he wants, but when they are gone.... that's it. No more diapers. I REFUSE to buy diapers for a fully potty trained kid..... so I'm hoping he doesn't flip out when the last diaper is gone. ;)


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