My 4 year old just doesn't get it....

Sheila - posted on 02/06/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




He doesn't listen. He's even told me "yes" to me asking if he wanted to go to the corner. I'll tell him no, don't do that. He'll look me right in the face and do it anyway. Off to the corner he goes, where he seems to think he gets to decide when he's done in there. I have swatted his butt, put him on his bed with no toys, TV, and even turn the light off so there is no stimulants at all. Nothing.

What else is there besides time-outs, standing in the corner, taking things from him and popping his bum???


Kay - posted on 02/06/2012




Have you tried positive reinforcement? We keep a sticker book. When he listens or does something good, he gets a sticker. No other reward, except for celebration and praise. But I will be daggoned if he does not love getting those stickers.

Now he is five and we tied the stickers to his allowance--he gets them for doing chores or such, and each Saturday we count the stickers he has earned and it translates into two dollars allowance.

We started this because I got tired of time out--or rather of him popping out of timeout. He decorated the sticker book himself and picked out the kind of stickers he wanted.

We also use a schedule chart during the day--it has pictures of what he needs to do at different times (like eat breakfast, get dressed, brush his teeth, etc) and we use a clothes pin to mark what we need to do. It seems to help him calm down a bit.

Good luck!


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Jennifer - posted on 02/06/2012




I believe postive reinforcement is the way to go... We use a traffic light system at our house. Green no to 1 warning, yellow 2-3 warning, red is time out. We keep a calandar of what colors they were on the day (when they both started school we divided the days up to 3 zones before during and after school) before it was before and after nap. At the end of the week they got a prize out of the prize box (mainly dollor store toys, stickers and ideas to do during the weekend) My kids usually went with picking out dinner or dessert to movie night or sleep in their tent or staying up after bed time. There is another idea that is like the sticker book that away talked about. Take a jar or vase and for every good act he does, cleaning up, listening and such he gets to put in a marble or fish stone... once the jar/vase is filled it is counted and he can recieved a prize or money... hope this helped!

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