My 4 year old son just started head start and goes for half days, when he comes home he misbehaves worse then ever before. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Chet - posted on 09/13/2014




This is extremely common. A lot of parents complain that their children are perfect at school or daycare, but horrible at home when they first get back!

School is a very busy and demanding environment for a child. They can arrive home tired or hungry - both of which can cause poor behaviour. Sometimes the transition from school to home is difficult because the two environments are so dramatically different. Sometimes kids have to hold a lot in at school in order to behave there, and all of those emotions get bottled up and come flooding out when they get home and feel that it's a safe place to be angry, sad, hyper, etc.

Very honestly, it's going to take some experimenting to figure out what your son needs when he gets home. Many parents of school aged children still struggle with this sort of thing.. it should get at least a little better after he settles in and gets more used to head start though.

One of our kids always came home with low blood sugar and needed a snack. I've known other moms who need to stop at the playground on the way home because their kid just needed to be really active after sitting so much at school and doing quiet indoor things. We have one child, and if she misbehaves right after getting home it usually means something upset her school and she needs to talk. And some kids are just tired. It's very common to need a nap or an earlier bedtime on daycare or preschool days.

I would play on the ipad together though. Screen time is associated with worse behaviour in children, and more likely, snacks, active play, or talking about his day are going help more than another activity where he is expected to sit, listen and focus.

Cintia - posted on 09/11/2014




He is calling for attention. Have you tried to sit down with him and read a story? I realized that giving my son a few minutes when he comes back, makes a whole lot difference.
If you have a phone/ipad, you should dowload my ebooks www.thesearebooks,com. They focus on the contents kids need to learn to be ready for pre-school and your child would love reading and playing with you for a few minutes.

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