my 4 yr old seems to be out of control i have tryed everything but he bites swears shouts hits and looses his temper what seems like every half hour i have 10 month old twin girls and im afraid it will affect them its weird cuz if he asks for something i have about a second to answer him or he kicks off or if i say yes he still has a temper tantrum i dont know what to do im not sure if he is just a naughty child or has something like a.d.h.d or autisum as lots of my friends and family have children with autisum and say that ethan resembles a child with autisum very much so but id like to hear from other people before taking him to a doctor. please help xx


Sarah - posted on 02/04/2013




How do you discipline? Are you consistant with your discipline? If he is swearing where is he hearing it from? Sometimes kids act the way they do because of how others are acting around them. If there are no boundraries set and enforced then the child is not taught how to act and there is no reason for the child to act a certain way. If he gets what he wants by acting out (the could be the item he is asking for or it could just be wanting attention) there is no reason for him to change if he is getting what he wants. I would not jump to adhd or autisim....if you have lots of friends and family with children diagnoised with this that is concerning to me. There are many children with adhd and autisim, but many times people (sometimes doctors included) "label" a child with adhd or autisim and it is more of a behavioral issues. Once boundaries are set and enforced and parents are consistant with their discipline those "symptoms" of adhd and autisim disapear.


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Lisa - posted on 02/04/2013




he is defenetly a little boy who likes to be in control of every one he does have a very loving side and its not about if i give in or not cuz even when i say yes to him he still kicks off at me its so confusing we live in a rough area and he has started school now so im thinking the swearing has come from school i just ignore him when he swears i used to tell him if he swears i wont talk to him but that didnt work so now i ignore him i dont give in to him if i say no its no its always been that way thank u very much for replieing xxx

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