My baby girl is 5 weeks and i used johnson baby product and i discovered that is giving her rashes on her face.


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is it scented, it could be the cause. i used Johnsons and really like it. I wouldnt put it on her anymore though, if any rash is coming up, its irritating her skin. I have a Johnson's natural soothing stick, not sure the exact name dont have it nearby, but it helps soo much on the face, itll clear up the rash and irritation. It totally natural and isnt irritating at all. Im sure you can get it at walmart or places that sell alot of baby products.
Have you also tried using a lotion that is perfume free and natural. It might be helpful for her skin, expecially for small babies because their skin is so sensitive. Products like Aveeno, Lubriderm, Eucerin work really well for sensitive skin.
I also use Eucerin on my boy and never had an issue with it. The more natural lotions are better, more expensive, but worth it to prevent irritation.

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