my baby girl wont eat she wont even drink milk no more

AnekaBellamy - posted on 03/29/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Aaliyah is scareing me and i do not want her to loose weight she is not eating as much and she stop drinking milk she is 1yr


Amy - posted on 03/30/2009




Not trying to scare you but I would certainly take her into the doctor to get checked out. My 18 month old stopped eating a bunch and drinking alot because ultimately she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor, a kidney cancer. Please be aware and ask questions. Hopefully she's just being fussy. But you never can be too sure!

Lauren - posted on 03/29/2009




This is not really advice, but more or less a assurance. If your child is 1 years old, and is no longer on a bottle, then don't worry to much about it, by the time they are on a sippy cup or self feeding the fluid intake should decrease slightly. And remember the old saying if they are hungry or thirsty they will eat. Now if you are concerned that she is not eating anything I definately suggest consulting or talking to your doctor. But if they are getting other fluids such as water, no more than 1 cup of juice per day, and about 1 cups of milk a day, that is not bad. Now you will want to watch all of this more closely as she becomes more active, like running and playing, school activity and sports..but every child will go through a phase or slow down in fluids. Have you also considered teething...I know that my son refuses to drink anything cold or fluid related when he is teething for it simply hurts...also check her mouth/throat. Do you see anything else that is swollen, i.e glands, spots on her tongue or is her tongue white ...does she possibly have thrush...for these are all things that could also effect eating..I have heard that thrush on the tongue is like trying to drink with sandpaper on your tongue!? Hope all gets better...have a great day and weekend!


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Tracy - posted on 04/01/2009




My 1 year would not drink milk from her cup when I took her off the bottle. It took some persuasion and that is all I would offer her for a week or so. Eventually she started drinking the milk. Make sure that you are not giving your baby other liquids in a cup to carry around with her all day long. If that is the case it will diminish her appetite and she won't be thirsty for the milk. If you are still concerned you can talk to your doctor about infant vitamin supplements that are available OTC.

Kelly - posted on 03/30/2009




Aside from any health issues like teething or sore throat, it could be that she just doesn't need to eat as much as she did before. I recall my daughter eating less after turning 1 year. She doesn't need as much fuel to grow it seems. Definitely see a doctor or health nurse if you are worried for her health.

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