My baby girls father..

Rebecca - posted on 12/14/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok I will try and not make this too long but here it goes..

I have a beautiful 18 month old called Jasmine, I fell pregnant at just 19 and had been on/off with her father for two years..he was always a little trouble if I'm honest. But I was young and naive at the time of course.

When I fell pregnant it was by accident but I said from day one I was keeping her, and he could decide if he wanted to be in her life and I wouldn't judge him either way, he chose to stay despite already having a daughter by another woman, this woman has giving me no end of hassle throughout my pregnancy and having Jasmine, so she always caused problems..he has a habit of going I between us both as well. To make matter worse whilst I was pregnant he sniffed drugs in front of me and we had a couple of arguments which turned physical, but as I said..I was naive and young..whilst I was pregnant, another girl fell pregnant by him, as you can imagine I was heartbroken..I felt she was taking 'my time' away and I know that sounds selfish.

After I gave birth to jasmine we remained on and off for another 18 months, we are currently off because it just wasn't working, I have suspicions that he is still seeing his first babies mother, by looking at her facebook and Instagram, and I also believe he is back on the drugs. He also has very bad mental health, he has bi polar, skitzophrenia and phycosis.. (Sorry my spelling is bad) I also caught him out numerous times with different woman, some not even at the legal age..

As you can all imagine my family and friends despise him, which is completely understandable..he is also a very paranoid and very protective person, which will go as far as watching me on nights out with my friends..after all this time I've finally come to the end and don't want to call him my boyfriend..problem is how do you get over someone you have a baby with? It isn't as if I can't see him as he comes to see jasmine, and I made the stupid choice of sleeping with him last stupid I know, I just want to not love him anymore, but I find myself all emotional and needy when he's around and cos of that he always hints at giving things a go 'in the future' I'm sick of him and his mind games, any tips? Otherwise I will go insane lol!


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Clearly you are still wrapped up with him whether you care to admit it or not because you don't sleep with someone you no longer want to be. I hope you used protection because it sounds like he's slept with quite a few women. I think you should go see a counselor to work on your self esteem issues because no woman should put up with that crap child or not. When I knew my marriage was over I knew, I stopped caring and there weren't any more tears for my ex, I certainly didn't keep sleeping with him. Focus on yourself and your child, and only communicate with your ex about your child.


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Rachel - posted on 12/14/2013




ok...u need to be careful!! im just gonna be blunt so don't take anything I say to the heart! As if the mental illnesses he has is not bad enough, the drugs make that even worse! You yourself needs to be done no one can tell u to just drop him, especially him being your babys father. I was IN your EXACTsame position. I fell in love with someone who I met at work, and a few months later I found out I was pregnant. AFTER I found out I was pregnant I found out he was an addict. I live in a city where there is a lot of drugs and violence so usually im good at pinpointing addicts, well he definitely wasn't your typical looking "junkie". To make a long story short, he also had bipolar, when I was 7 months pregnant I walked in my house and found him dead on my bathroom floor...SO PLEASE SAVE YOURSEL FROM FUTURE HEARTACHE!!! Even if u don't think hes an addict, it sounds like hes not for you :/ and it sounds like he doesn't treat you the way you should be. If your already feeling "red flags" take it seriously! Don't do it o yourself!

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