my baby is 14 months old she dn't want to eat anything at all even not any juice soups any kind of food ,m very upset what should i do?

Navneet - posted on 02/01/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




my baby 14 months she do not want to eat anything at all i had tried so many foods but no use even she do not want to drik any kind of juice.she just like to drink similac formula milk and she is gassy baby too.she do not like water too


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Jenn - posted on 02/06/2013




My 14 month old son is tiny and not a big eater too. Some days i have to force him just to eat 2 spoon fulls of something. I found when he was still on formula he ate less cuz it was more filling. Try switching her to homo milk.. Its safe to switch them after 12 months. Because the milk i less fulling she will build more of an appitie. Try making finger foods for her to feel more indapendent like little pieces of cheese or watermelon or pasta noodles. One thing to keep in mind is a child will not starve they will eat when hungry. Doctors even say if there full after just a few bites leave them be cuz thats whats enough for them if their hungry they will let u know. But still ask your dr and let them know so they can check their weight and stuff. Good luck :)

Gigi - posted on 02/03/2013




it depends how long is she like this. Has this been happening for last few days or has she never eaten anything except formula?

J - posted on 02/01/2013




Hi there! I know how concerning this can be! The first thing I would say is contact her Dr. for some advise to make sure nothing medical is going on with her. My experience with this has been...some days babies are super hungry and other days not (just like us). I wouldn't worry too much about it unless she is going for extra long periods of time with no food. The formula has plenty of what she needs in it already, so she is getting nutrition with that. Maybe her tummy is a little upset, I know when mine is upset or gassy food just seems to make it worse. I hope that helps...

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