My boy is willing to pee in the potty but not do his big business there. I need help on this.

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My boy just turned 2 last week. I have been letting him pee in the potty (standing position) on and off and he is willing to do so. I do not do it very regularly because I am alone at home and doing all the other house work and if he pee in his pants, I'll have more work to do. By the way, he is not talking yet. So far, if I bring him to the potty regularly, things would be ok.

However, he is not willing to do his big business there. He is willing to sit on the potty but he does it just for fun. There were times when i spotted him about to do his big business and i quickly bring him to his potty but he is not willing to sit and then he gets irritated and won't do his business.

Anyone has any tips for me? Thanks!


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Kristin - posted on 06/25/2012




My middle son did not get completely potty trained until he was 2 and a half. I dont push the issue and waited until he was comfortable going to the potty. When he was ready I threw all the diapers in the garbage and used underwear. One accident in his underwear was enough for him, he would always make it to the potty. Both my boiys were completely potty trained in 2 weeks and had no night time accidents either. Sometimes we just have to be patient and let them do things at their own pace. As for not wanting to clean his messes up well welcome to motherhood we all have had to do it and you need to be putting your childs needs and being consistent before anything else. I was alone with my kids as well and did everything on my own and I never viewed them having an accident in their pants as more work for me, it is no different than cleaning up vomit if they are sick and dont make it to the bathroom. Being a parent is always a lot of work and you need to be consistent if you want him to be completely trained, Also, my middle son did not speak well at age 2 either and we had him assessed and found out he required speech therapy and didnt understand what we were saying sometimes which also hindered him in some things. His speech and behavior therapy was completely funded and after 3 years of being in speech he is now gone from way below average child to average and above, so catching things when they are young and getting the proper help is so beneficial to your child. Please have him assessed for speech, hearing. Most communitied offer free pre school assesments which will tell you exzactly where your child falls into and will help you find the support and help if your child requires it.

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Poop is a completely different animal than pee. Poop can take anywhere from 6 months or a year to grasp and have enough control of. That said..he may be mature enough sooner than that. Boys usually take a little longer. Also, don't be too disappointed if he regresses a bit, meaning...he may learn to use the potty and for no reason at all decide he no longer wants to do it. Just go with it but keep on talking to him about how Mommy and daddy use the potty ...sister brother..whoever else.

I am quite concerned about the fact that he isn't talking and is 2 years old. Have you spoken with your pediatrician about this? Some areas have such great government programs for Speech therapy where I live. It's fully funded. I would certainly have him checked on though. It's better to find out nothing is wrong than feel guilty later that you didn't do enough.

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