MY CHILD WILL TURN ONE SOON umm. should i start giving him a sippy yet


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Sarah - posted on 12/05/2012




As soon as my kids could hold their own bottle I started to give them a Sippy cup. I had my son off of the bottle and formula at 11 months and my daughter will be one Jan 1st and she will be off the bottle and formula too. She already uses a Sippy cup very well and I am using this month to wean her off of the bottle and formula. So yes I would start giving him a Sippy cup. Every child is different, but I have found that the Platex lock lids are the best. They are a hard spout (which did take my kids some getting used to) and the lid locks in place and they don't leak unless provoked. Meaning if my kids turn them upside down and start banging in on the table, then yes it will leak a little, but it takes a lot of abuse. The cups are insulated so it keeps things cold. Good luck with the transition.

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