My cousin seems to only want me around when she's on drugs and being a bad mom?

Gwen - posted on 07/05/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Here's a condensed version of whats going on:

My cousin move to my side of the state a couple years ago and brought her daughter whose the same age as my son, she's been unstable until the last few months, unstable as in dropping her daughter off for the night then getting high on drugs and picking her up a week later. That happened multiple times.

Her daughter was spending every weekend at my house and all the holidays. The last few months, she's done anything she could to keep her daughter away from us, the last two times she's stayed here she's cried and begged her mom to let her stay with us. Here's my problem, I always have to call me cousin, she'll make plans with me and the bail after I drive a half hour away to get her and she has me watch her daughter while she "gets ready" and then bails on our plans and doesn't invite us along to hers, but does invite her brother, after I leave. What do I do here? We love her daughter, I think this is jealousy thing on her end.

I'm tired of having to call her, having to ask for her daughter only to get lame excuses why she can't come over, only to find out later she was abandoned at my grandma's or taken around to drug people s houses.

What do I do? Cut her out of my life? I'm not going to call CPS on her, because she'd know it was me and also because of the fact that I do NOT believe she's been "using in the last few months, " she lives with my grandma, so 90% of the time there is DEFINITELY a sober/non-felon around her.

Please tell me what you would do and if you have any similar situations in your life?


Michelle - posted on 07/06/2013




I would be cutting her out of my life. I don't need people like that around.

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