My daughter - almost 3 has been great untill recently - she's starting to pull her sisters hair - 18 months old ?? Plz help - been time out don't work


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Gena - posted on 07/29/2013




She might be jelouse of her little sister.Explain to her that it hurts her sister and it hurts you.Maybe you can try doing stuff with them together or spend some time just with the older,maybe sit down and do a puzzle.Make her feel that you are there for her(incase she is doing it out of jelousy)

Chet - posted on 07/27/2013




Remind her what hands are for. Try saying something like, "hands are for clapping" and clapping your hands. Suggest different, positive, things you can do with your hands. If you can put her sister's hair up so it's more difficult to get a hold of that may help. Also, try to figure out if there is a pattern to when you toddler is pulling hair. Is she tired, frustrated, bored, provoked. How you handle this depends a lot on why she's doing it.

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