My Daughter has Autism, and My son is about to be Diagnosed with Autism.

Jessica Lynn - posted on 08/24/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




My Daughter was diagnosed earlier this year, she is verbal, enunciates very well, has been potty trained since age 2 and she turns 5 in November. We have handled everything being thrown at us fairly well and she has made amazing progress. My son has shown signs since he turned 1, he was nonverbal, but with therapy has progressed to speaking two word sentences. He has issues with consonants, but can say almost every letter in the alphabet and has an extensive vocabulary that I can understand. He will be 3 in a couple weeks. He as had early intervention which consists of around 20 weeks of child developmental therapy and speech therapy. He has made leaps and I am so proud of him. Since both of my children are on different parts of the spectrum, they react negatively toward each other sometime in a physical way because they are both overwhelmed with how loud one another get when in a screaming match. Sometimes I am scared they could really hurt each other. They love and hug and help each other one sec, but when they are overwhelmed and out of control they cant handle each other. Any Tips on dealing with this, or tips on how to prepare for two school aged children on the spectrum to have a fighting chance at leading a somewhat normal life? I am so grateful for them and want to do everything in my power to make sure they get the same opportunities in life as everyone else.


Leslie - posted on 08/28/2017




You sound like you're a great Mom Jessica! To some extent you have to try to figure out what is normal sibling issues and what is caused by the autism. That's hard no matter what the age sometimes! I would try to make sure they each have somewhere they can go to get away from the other one when they need a quiet time or even a time out. And don't be afraid to separate them and make them go to those places! My own 2 kiddos are now grown but both had special needs - one on the spectrum, one with other needs. To prepare for two school age children on the spectrum, get to know the school and what it can offer now. Once your son becomes school age, request that your IEP and other meetings happen on the same days - yes it can get overwhelming but at the same time that only ties up one day not several!! My husband and I would attend the meetings together so that we not only had a united front together to fight for what our boys needed but also if one of us missed hearing or saying something the other usually caught it. If he can't go take a trusted friend along! One thing that I recommend for any families, special needs or not, is too not over commit -- you're not a bad mom and your kids will not be scarred for life if they are not involved in every possible activity every single day! Allow them to be involved in no more than 1 or 2 activities each which will help both them and you to stay (somewhat) sane!!

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