My daughter is 10 months and still gets up crying at night. Is it dreams? She does this atleast three times. I feel she isnt getting gud sleep.


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My son is 28 months and still gets up at night sometimes. ll kids are different. Do you pick her up every time she cries? I would respond to her waking up, but maybe try rubbing her back or patting her bottom so that she knows your there, but she gets used to not getting picked up out of bed worked for my son pretty well.

Sammy - posted on 03/17/2009




That happened to me too when my son was around that month. His pediatrician suggested a few things for me to do. First, he asked if is he eating enough? Because I breastfeed and give him solids, he suggested that I also include formula into his meal 6oz after breakfast and another 6oz after dinner. What a difference! That did help him sleep better throughout the night. Also, having him cry it out for a few nights. Finally, if you breastfeed your daughter at night (every time she wakes up), you need to STOP. My son's pediatrician said if he's eating enough during the day and evenings, he can go without my milk at night. By that, he'll get use to sleeping through the night. I hope this helps...Good luck!

Brandy - posted on 03/15/2009




My child slept in her own room from about 4mths til about 11mths old and she decided that she wasnt going to sleep there. I didnt want to put her in our bed and get that habit started so we put her a bed in our room. I continued to try to get her to take naps in her own bedroom but it took several months to get that to happen. Be patient, and let her know you are going to be there to protect her and if that means bringing her into your room til she is past her fear then by all means do it. My child started taking naps and then one night said she wanted to sleep in her bed and has been there ever since.

Jen - posted on 03/15/2009




My daughter is 15 months and every now and then will randomly scream out and go back to sleep. I attribute that to dreams. Does your daughter go back to sleep right away or cry for a long time? Not to be taken the wrong way, but do you check on her or just let her cry it out? I'd say to ask your doctor at her next well visit. It may not be anything, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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