My Daughter is 18 months and she can get out of her car seat! What can I do to stop this?


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Ashley - posted on 12/13/2010




My kids did the same thing at that age. We took them to the carseat safety deal that modot and the highway patrol puts on every 6 months. They put the child in the carseat and makes sure the seat is safe for them. But while doing this they talk to the child where he or she will understand to inform them that they have to stay in the seat. My 2 yr old was really bad about it. A cop told her that she needed to stay in her seat so mommy didn't get a ticket. Bc if she got a ticket there would be no money to buy candy. Since then my daughter hasnt gotten out of her seat once.

Krista - posted on 12/13/2010




Funny that you should mention Houdini. Another mother had a similar problem on here a few months ago. I found a product online called (no kidding) the Houdini Stop. They're based out of New Zealand, so depending on where you are, you might be in for a big shipping bill, but it's worth checking out:

Emily - posted on 12/13/2010




yeah nicole i dont think i can make her straps any tighter its that tight i struggle to do it up! ive found a few things but to family and friends my daughter is known as the mini Houdini! she can get out of anythin!
donna, i have found a few things to keep her in but they look pretty simple to get out of too! ahh well im ready to try anything

Donna - posted on 12/13/2010




my 2yr old does the same thing to me and no matter if i tighten the straps he gets out..... looking in the car safety section to see if there is anything to put over the buckles will help, if you can't afford to pay the cost use some gaffa tape around the clip so that only you can undo it helps..... everytime my son does it i pull over and make sure he knows its wrong before putting him back in and continuing the trip...... it takes time and many grey hair but hopefully it will stop soon

[deleted account]

How is she getting out? By undoing the buckles or wiggling out?
If she is wiggling out then the straps aren't adjusted tight enough.
If she is undoing the buckles I believe you can find things to help deter her in the safety section of most baby and toddler sections of stores.
Otherwise consider getting a different carseat with different buckles.

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