My daughter is a year and a half and will not get off the bottle. She never took a pacifier or was breast fed. I have tried ever sippy cup out there and she will not drink milk out of it. She only takes the bottle at night and will even suck on it when it's empty. I think it's her comfort thing. The dr. told me it would just take her longer to get off the bottle and to not buya pacifier because she probably wouldn't take it. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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Lee Ann - posted on 04/13/2009




I had the same problen until my son was 2. He would drink Juice out of a sippy cup but no milk. Milk was only drank if he had it in a bottle until I found a cup with a straw and started giving him Chocolate milk. He took to that and then I threw the bottle out completely and gradually started adding less and less chocolate to the milk until he drank it plain. After that he started just drinkin it right out of a cup! Good luck!

Amy - posted on 04/13/2009




My daughter is two. Unfortunately she has regressed after the birth of my second daughter, however, she was doing well. I let her pick out her sippy cups and "big girl" cups (regular plastic drinking cup). We also used a reward system for over-nights. She is a huge fan of stickers. We went to the store together and i told her to pick out the stickers for when she went to sleep without her bottle. We also did lollipops for whole days without bottles (the little dum dum lollies) We made a big deal of her successes, calling some family members to "brag" about how good she was doing. This made her want to do it more. she's slowly going back to her bottle-less days. she still wants a bottle at night but she cuddles with it now. Which is a good thing, but we have to grab it as soon as she is alseep otherwise she is wet in the morning. We hadn't gotten up to getting rid of the bottles but we started. I let her throw away the ones that were "broken". We didn't make a big deal of it. I kept things pretty matter-of-fact. She was fine with it. She is a pretty independent kid so letting her think that she is incharge of what is going on seems to work for her.

Angela - posted on 04/12/2009




Thanks everyone! Last night I finally told her that her bottles went bye bye. She cried for about 30 minutes and then went to sleep. I did give her milk in a sippy cup. I figured if she could take it out of that, then that's one step accomplished! Tonight she cried herself to sleep again. Hopefully we are making some progress.

Tracy - posted on 04/12/2009




My daughter will be 2 in July and she still won't drink her milk out a sippy cup. She will not go to sleep at night without a milk bottle. My first child was much easier. I wouldn't worry to much about it. She will eventually wean herself off with gentle persuasion. Good luck .

Charity - posted on 04/12/2009




I finally got my daughter off the bottle at 13 months. She was very attatched to the bottle itself. Especially with milk. Not so much her juice though, she'd take a sippy for that. Anyhow, we got her to take the Nuby brand sippy and the Avent soft-tipped ones. You may just have to try a crap-load of them though. = (

had to just take the bottle was hard for like 3 days, then she forgot about it. I wouldn't even say the word bottle out loud...I spelled it out when speaking aboutr it!! She knows what it is though...I didn't want to tease her or anything! Anyhow, I think that 1st night I had to break down and give her one at bedtime, but that was it.

Also, I I had to use strawberry mix in the milk from her sippy. It was a new taste and she took it right away from the Nuby where before she would taste the regular milk and throw the sippy down. It just takes a little bit.

She has slept soooo much better through the night too since taking away the bottle. Used to get me up at least twice. That really was hard. I hope this has hlped in some way...keep us posted!!!

Shannon - posted on 04/11/2009




I got my son to switch from the bottle to the sippy at 14 months.  I had decided I'd had enough of the bottle at that point!  He had been drinking milk for a couple of months, but refused to even taste it in the sippy. We were using the soft spout Nuby for juice/water.  It really became a matter of me standing my ground on getting him off the bottle.  I gave him the option of water in a bottle or milk in a sippy for several days, although I still let him have his milk first thing in the morning from the bottle (you can only stand to see your child go w/o drinking for so long). I decided to make "milk" be completely we mixed his milk with Nesquik strawberry mix...and didn't call it "milk" but called it "strawberry" instead. I kept a cup of it in the refrigerator one day, and every time we walked past it, I pulled it out of the refrigerator and offered the "strawberry" to him.  After about 5 times, he finnaly decided to taste it....and he liked it!! By the end of the next day, he was guzzling it down! We only offered him the strawberry milk for at least a week, just to get him used to it and long enough to forget about the bottle.  He now drinks milk (slightly warmed in a glass measuring cup in the microwave for no more than 30 seconds for 8 oz -- just enough to take the chill off) twice a day and cold strawberry milk once a day, and always from his high chair.  As sad as it was, we lost our comfy &sweet morning chair time when we got rid of the bottles...time for our baby to be a big boy!  Although I am proud to say that the bottles have been put away for over 2 months now!

Whatever approach you decide to take, it's important to stand your ground and make the "rules"! And praise your little one when she takes a step in the "right" direction!

I hope this helps.  Good luck with the transition!

User - posted on 04/11/2009




My sons both had the same problem, neither of them took the pacifier and initially had no interest in drinking milk out of a cup.  What worked for me recently for my youngest son who just turned two, was to leave his bottle out of sight and keep a cup of water or his other favorite drink in plain sight for him.  At first he would ask for his bottle during nap time but hen one weekend he just stopped asking and was fine with his sippy cup of water. Now he drinks milk out of a cup!  My next goal is getting away from the night time bottle, but I've just found that taking the bottle away in stages has been helpful for my sons.  I realize it's not as ideal as just getting rid of the bottle altogether but it's helped us all retain our sanity! 

[deleted account]

Did you try the Nuby sippy cup that has a soft spout? It sips more like a bottle. You can also try teaching her to drink from a straw or a sports bottle. My son gets very excited about that. He thinks its a very big boy thing to do and they make a lot of sealed cups with straws now.

[deleted account]

My son was really hard to get off the bottle, but one day when we lived in a building with a garbage shoot down the hall, we walked down there together and he threw it in the garbage shoot. We discussed it first, but when he wanted it later I said, "You threw it out, remember?" That worked good for him, not too many complaints....but he never went to bed with a bottle. If your daughter won't suck on a soother either, I suggest maybe trying one of those "taggies" some of them have harder hands and feet on them to chew on, maybe if you take her to pick one out of her own, on the day you toss the bottle, it will help....have a backup soother though, maybe the same shape nipple as the bottle BUT don't keep a "just in case bottle" around, get rid of them all!!

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