my daughter is going to be 13 months in a couple of weeks. What works best to get her off the bottle?


Meagan - posted on 05/18/2011




I didn't have this problem, but I DID have this problem with binkies, and what I did there was just take it away when she wasn't looking and when she wanted her binkie, offered her blankie. Within a few days, she used her blankie to comfort instead. So, maybe that TYPE of thing could work for you too? Get a sippy cup or a straw sippy cup and offer that instead of a bottle? Have her pick out her "big girl cup", make a HUGE deal out of how she's now a big girl, and make the sippy cup the end all be all of cool. If you can play up one thing and ignore the other, in theory, it should work. And that's what I did with the bikie. When she asked for it, I didnt say its gone, I just ignored it and talked about whatever else until she dropped it. lol No arguements, no pouting, nothing. I would say try that. Usually kids will go along with whatever their mom makes into a big deal.

Deepti - posted on 05/18/2011




whatever u want to introduce to her, first start taking it yourself. dont ask her just keep consuming urself.. she may get curious and like to taste it. give her when she wants it..i used to take cornflakes and milk daily. my daughter showed interest and tried it. then she liked it and gradually started having it on daily basis.hope this will help u

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