My daugther is 1year old I don't know wht to give her she has most think anyone know


Liezl - posted on 05/26/2013




Your LO can start to eat anything you can eat. When you introduce some commonly allergic foods like peanut butter or shellfish, give a tiny little bit and check for a reaction. Do not give these without discussing with your doctor, though.
It's great to start with finger foods at this age. I give my son ripe fruit cut up (avocado, banana, strawberries, orange wedges, grated apple and pear, melon etc.), cut up cooked veggies (peas, squash, carrot, chick peas, canned baked beans, sweet potato, potato). He also loves -
Rice cakes (unsalted) with cream cheese or hummus
Noodles (especially spaghetti) with cheese or tomato-based sauce
French toast fingers
Cooked Salmon
Cooked egged diced
Whole wheat toast with cream cheese, peanut butter, grilled cheese or hummus (1 teaspoon peanut butter = 1 protein serving, but don't give it on a spoon, always spread thinly, as it poses a choking hazard)
I still give him the baby rice cereal every morning because it contains about 50% of his daily iron intake.

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