My four year old is all of the sudden super attached to me

Ashley - posted on 11/09/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter just turned four last month all the sudden she is super attached to me! We have had some big changes in the past year so to give a bit of a background from the time she was four weeks old to about six months ago I worked full time out side of the home with drive time and everything I was away from her 50 plus hours a week six months ago I quit my job and started working part time we also found out were expecting baby number three around this time. About three months ago we had to move due to my husbands job about three hours away from where we were and majority of family. So right now I only work two days a week and a family member watches her and her brother. Lately she has been crying every time I go to work, she asks me every day are you going to work tomorrow if the answer is yes she cries if the answer is no she keeps asking what about the day after that and the day after that until She gets to the day of the week that i say yes then she cries when I'm home with her she tells me constantly that she's glad I'm home she's so happy that I didn't go to work ect. I know she's well taken care of when I'm gone she has fun they do fun things together she told her the other day I like you but I just miss my mom much! :( I've tried making her a calendar so she knows on Tuesdays and Thursdays mommy goes to work but I don't know how to help her. Any ideas on things I can do to help her? It breaks my heart!


Deepti - posted on 11/10/2013




1. She is old enough to go to play school where she will make friends and will be occupied for few hours.
2. you may also arrange play dates for her so that she has good time.
3. another thing you can do is to narrate your life story or an imaginary one too where mother goes out to work for some time and kids play at home. build up a story around this theme and tell her a new story daily till the time she feels it a natural activity that a mom goes for work and growing kids go to school or enjoy at home.
you may also strike a "deal" with her that one day you will go to office and next two days you will be at home with her. ( you are already going twice a week only so it is easy to strike a deal!!)
I hope it helps:))

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