my kid 15month tell me new neutriants diet


Dorcas - posted on 04/03/2013




at 15 months they can basically have any table food. when you prepare a meal for yourself prepare a small plate for your 15month old. toddlers eat *about* 1/4 of what we would eat. Try to keep it balanced not too much starch (like potatoes) and more vegetables and meats. Although at this age some kids start to get fairly picky my 18month old now is very much so. So its good to keep in mind to stay healthy, you also have to be flexible to make meals that your toddler is most likely going to eat.


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Liezl - posted on 05/28/2013




Keep the following in mind when planning what to feed your little one: They need PLENTY of energy, so full-fat everything (yoghurt, milk, etc.). Have a look at a basic food pyramid, this should give you an idea of how much he should get of each food group. Fruits (pears, apples, banana, avo, plums, peaches, mango, etc.) especially with high fibre, at least 2-3 servings a day (a serving is roughly 1-2 tablespoons), vegetables 2-3 servings per day (carrots, peas, squash, sweet potato, baked beans, etc.). Choose fruits and vegetables so that at least one yellow/red and one green leafy is included every day. Plenty of full fat dairy (yoghurt with cheerios on the side, rice cakes with cream cheese). Lots of protein, make sure omega-3 rich foods are included (fish, eggs, etc.), and plenty of grains (pasta, whole wheat bread, burritos, rice cakes, wholegrain rice, etc.). If you roughly follow this and make sure there are 3 meals with 2-3 snacks in-between, you should be fine.

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