my son does not like going to bed when i ask him to go and he crys


Eva - posted on 01/03/2013




My daughter doesn't like it either. She usually cries too (she's 2). But that's life, kid, you have to go to bed!

Besides following the general advice of following a routine (bath, pajamas & toothbrushing, story time then tuck-in) you mostly just have to be tough about it. Even if he's crying and screaming, give him a kiss on the head, tuck him in (even as he's kicking off the blanket), turn off the light and leave the room.

My daughter sleeps in a "big girl" bed, so she can get out of it. She has a night-light and a favourite blankie and stuffed toy. I don't care if I hear her playing around in her room - eventually she puts herself to bed when she's tired, the important part is that she's "put to bed" and knows it's "bed time" and not come out or bother the adults. I check in on her occasionally to make sure she hasn't done something like pulled off her diaper and pooped on the floor. O_o

On the bad nights, I'll lock her door (I live in a bungalow, her bedroom is the room next to the living room) and ignore her. Because, honestly, sometimes she's nuts. Other times she goes to bed like an angel.

In other words, there's no easy answer. Basically you just have to show him that you mean business. Give him what he "needs" and give it to him every night so he understands the pattern. Then don't give anymore. If he freaks out, ignore him (once you've figured out that he's not sick or something. Sometimes when my daughter screams it's because she peed her bed, which is why I check on her.) Go in, look around, put him back to bed, close the door. No talking and do it quickly. This is about making both of your nights liveable!


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Amanda - posted on 01/03/2013




My 4yr old still on occassion will put up a fight at bedtime. My 3 yr old most nights will say she's not tired and doesn't want to go to bed and some nights will scream and cry about it.
Bed times bedtime.

On bad nights we will do the walk back to bed 4 or 5 times times, I don't know why we still have this fight they have gone to bed at the same time since they were 4 or 5 weeks old but we do.

I have found the more tired my kids are the more of a fight they put up. Maybe move his bedtime forward by 15 mins and see how you go. Other than that stick to your usual bedtime routine and just keep returning him to his bed.

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