My son has what I think is anxiety and maybe OCD. I am not a doctor but I did take him to a child psychologist and he stated the same disorders, although slight and not to worry too much about. He advised me that we should monitor his behaviour over the months and see if there are any changes. Here are a few examples of what my son does and how he at times reacts to certain situations. Maybe someone out there can give me some insight as to how to manage this and if they are dealing with the same type of behaviours with their toddlers.. A good example of OCD would be that he does not like it when his hands get dirty from sandwiches or anything really. He also does not like when his sandwich or hamburger falls apart. He gets very upset about it. He sometimes tells me to comb his hair before I put his shirt on and insists. If I don't he has a meltdown. This is getting better. He freaked out once when he saw his sock fluffs floating in his bath. I had to empty the bathtub and fill it up again. After some exposure he has got used to this. He does not like to go to the bathroom on his own. He is extremely controlling. He hates toothpaste and I struggle to brush his teeth every day. There are so many other examples but I cannot think of them right now. He has to be in control of everything and he does not trust anyone's word. He at times has fits for no reason and it is not easy to calm him down. At this time, he does not want to be touched or talked to. He comes out of it after a while, but it seems quite traumatic. Is there anyone out there with the same concerns? I want to help my son. It maybe nothing and hopefully it will pass with growth, maturity and starting kindergarten.


Cecilia - posted on 05/17/2013




I think all toddlers have OCD signs. It's just they are finally able to communicate what they want and don't want and really enjoy using those words to express it. Everyone in life likes things a certain way. In your mind you never comb your hair before putting your shirt on. That is your way. Toddlers live by rituals and schedules. It's who they are by nature.

The thing is besides the toothpaste none have any way of doing any damage. You just find ways to give him what he wants in most cases. For example if he will allow you to cut his hamburger into 4 it might help keep it from falling apart. Who cares if his hair was combed first. Keep some sort of wipe to keep his hands clean when he needs them to be. Once he trust that you will allow them to be cleaned he will be more willing to put his hands in mud because he knows he can get it off when he asks.

I have a 2 1/2 yr old and she will not be in the tub if she even finds a hair floating in it. Like you i have to drain the whole thing and start over. So to prevent doing that, she waits while i scrub the tub each night before she gets in to prevent floaters. Also when dealing with the tub you can not put the ducks in for her. she cries. You have to let her put them in herself.

As far as his fits, there is a reason for them. you just don't know what they are. That can be normal also. Remind yourself that since birth their world was a pretty small area to them. As a toddler they become aware of just how large and scary it can be. They want independence but need to know they can hide behind mommy's leg when they get scared. Basically your job is to show him you'll be there when he is scared but you'll let his hand go when he needs to run and play.

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