My son is 1 years old & refuses to situp on his own is this normal?

Undergroundgirl_90 - posted on 05/29/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




He can situp when hes put to sit, he holds his head well. He sits without anything behind. But he still hasn't tried to situp by himself. He won't walk unless you help him, he takes steps. I don't know what todo? we have been trying everything with him. But he cries or throws fits. Hates exercising! He will roll0over side to side in his bed. He does pull his chest up off the floor. But won't crawl still. He most times just wants to just laydown, or for someone to pick him up and move him everywhere!..Helppppp


Sadie - posted on 06/01/2017




My son was the same way. Some are just late bloomers. What we did for the crawling part is we grabbed a cookie cooking pan, put it on the floor and put his hands on it as if he was about to crawl. We lined him up towards the wall that way his feet can kick off from it. The wall was a huge help in getting his motor skills to help. Once he pushed himself from the wall, the cookie pan helped him slide from one place to another. As soon as he saw what he did he was super excited and loved it. We practice everyday as much as we could. Eventually we no longer needed the pan and he was on his own. As far as walking, my FL was the one who showed me this trick. He grabbed a towel twisted it and put it under my son's armpits and chest. And held both ends together. My son was holding himself up with his legs while the towel supported his upper chest. With that we just walked with him slowly so he can get use to moving his feet. Little by little his leg strength increased and the towel kept getting lighter and lighter from him not leaning on it as much anymore. For the sitting, we used a bumbo chair or a saucer, when we would forget either, we would put him around pillows. After a while we would use his arms as a support to help him keep himself up. We would lean him a little towards the back and his arms would be put on his side towards the front. Every now and then he would fall to the side but we would get him right back up. I know it's hard and seeing them cry sucks! But you have to be persistent and keep doing it. No matter how much they hate it. Like my sons Dr said "no body's ever died or cried blood" he'll be fine.

Best of luck! :)


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