My son is 16 months old and he will only eat finger foods so I've been giving him corn dogs/hot dogs ,chicken nuggets, bananas , grilled cheese , but for breakfast he will only eat yogurt I'm looking for some ideas to get him to eat off the spoon so we can give him stuff we eat for dinner


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Elfrieda - posted on 10/18/2012




Can't you just cut up the stuff you eat for dinner and let him eat it with his hands? Or try a dessert fork, my son also refused to be spoonfed for several months (no applesauce or yogurt for months when he'd been eating it every day since 6 months old... it was weird for me) but really enjoyed stabbing food with a fork and eating that way. Finally he got the hang of a spoon (around 19 months) with the help of some really thick oatmeal mixed with yogurt. (it stuck to the spoon no matter which way he turned it!)

It's just a phase, let him dig in with his hands and be messy, he'll get through it eventually. Keep a cloth handy and wipe him down afterwards. There's no need to worry about those kind of table manners for a toddler, in my opinion.

Mary - posted on 10/17/2012




At some point, he'll want to use a spoon because you are. Some babies just refuse to be spoon-fed, and want to do it themselves, so until he can control a spoon, that may just be the way it works. But really, almost anything can be finger food, other than soup or pudding. It gets messy, but it can work. What kinds of food are you wanting to feed him that don't work as finger food? (How does he handle the yogurt? I would have included that as something that can't be finger food.)

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